COVID-19 Workplace Guidance - Fall 2021

Effective August 2, 2021, the University will return to our standard, pre-pandemic operations, schedules, and staffing levels. Exception requests will be reviewed for approval through normal Central HR processes.  The University will continue to closely monitor conditions and consult with state and local health officials.

To schedule COVID-19 testing, please visit the University Health Services Testing webpage.

General Employee Guidance

Employees Returning to Campus Work Location

  1. Stay Healthy FSU Training for Faculty & Staff: All employees should complete the new Stay Healthy Training. This training provides a wealth of information about COVID-19, new policies and protocols, and information on additional resources.
  2. Daily Wellness Check Screening: Strongly encourage and remind employees to take the Daily Wellness Check Screening before reporting to campus. This application will advise employees if they are cleared to report to campus and notify their supervisors accordingly. The Daily Wellness Check App is available through myFSU Mobile and myFSU portal.
  3. Safety Protocols: Continue to communicate to your employees to follow the safety protocols put into place to mitigate the spread of the virus. The key safety policies include frequent hand washing, maintaining social distancing when possible, checking symptoms daily, and regularly cleaning highly touched surfaces. While face coverings are not required, employees are expected to continue to wear them. Emphasize that each person should exercise personal responsibility in preventing transmission of the virus.
  4. COVID-19 Testing: Test results are averaging a 24-hour turnaround, and insurance covers the cost of the test. Encourage your employees to visit the University Health Services website for more information and to register for testing.
  5. COVID-19 VaccineEmployees are expected to get the COVID-19 vaccine to assist with preventing the spread of the virus. For more information, visit the COVID-19 Vaccine website. Additional information on the vaccine can be found at the HR COVID-19 Vaccine website.

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On-Campus Cleaning and Disinfecting

During the Pandemic, Facilities has followed CDC and EPA guidelines to keep campus buildings healthy and safe, including following guidelines for cleaning and disinfection in higher education. Accordingly, Building Services has shifted our resources and is undertaking enhanced cleaning of restrooms, common and high touch areas multiple times daily.  Additional efforts, such as Community Waste Stations (CWS), have been established throughout the buildings and campus.  As a result, and in an abundance of caution, employees should proactively clean and disinfect their workspaces to help ensure a safe work environment for all. Every employee plays a contributing role in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

In addition, Facilities Environmental Health & Safety continue to monitor CDC, EPA, ASHREA and industrywide research, advice and best practices. Facilities Maintenance has increased building air changes/hour and continues to utilize higher grade MR-13 Filters in HVAC systems. Further, as part of their reorganization Facilities is forming a Health Safe Building Team. That Rapid Response Team from across all portions of Facilities provides focused attention to any building health issues or questions- be they COVID-19, mold, indoor air quality or other concerns.  

Alternate Work Location Pilot Program

An Alternate Work Location Arrangement (AWLA) is a flexible worksite arrangement on a temporary or fixed basis that serves both the employee and the University's needs.  The University recognizes that under limited circumstances working from an alternate location can improve productivity and job performance.  An AWLA can also promote administrative efficiencies (e.g., reducing office and parking space), reduce traffic congestion and transportation costs, support continuity of operations plans, and sustain the recruitment and retention of a highly skilled workforce by enhancing work/life balance.

The Pilot Program is effective August 1, 2021, for those departments that choose to participate. Some departments may elect to opt in the program at a later date. For more information, please visit the HR AWLA website.

Returning from University or Personal Travel

Effective July 1, vice president approval will no longer be required for domestic or international travel. Once the University’s travel system (Concur) is back online following year-end activities, it will allow all travel to be processed without an exception.

As a reminder, all air travel must be booked in Concur or over the phone with World Travel Services, Inc. at (855) 967-2818 (M-F, 8 AM-6 PM ET).

For questions, please contact

Personal Domestic Travel

Personal domestic travel is not prohibited.

  • If employees choose to travel, they should review the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) website for guidance on domestic travel recommendations for fully vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.  
  • FSU does not require a self-quarantine after domestic travel unless the employee presents COVID-19 related symptoms upon return from travel.

Personal International Travel

Personal international travel is not prohibited. However, international travel via cruise ships, including river cruises, is strongly discouraged.

Employees who travel internationally should follow the protocols below:

International Travel for Fully Vaccinated

  • After returning to the United States:
    • Self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms; isolate and get tested if you develop symptoms.
    • Follow all state and local recommendations or requirements after travel.

International Travel for Unvaccinated

  • After returning to the United States:
    • Get tested with a viral test 3 to 5 days after travel AND stay home and self-quarantine for a full 5 days after travel.
    • Even if you test negative, stay home and self-quarantine for the full 5 days.
    • If your test is positive, isolate yourself to protect others from getting infected.
    • If you don’t get tested, stay home and self-quarantine for 10 days after travel.
    • Avoid being around people who are at increased risk for severe illness for 10 days, whether you get tested or not.
    • Self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms; isolate and get tested if you develop symptoms.
    • Follow all state and local recommendations or requirements.

COVID-19 data by state and county can be found on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website. This data is referenced for informational purposes and is not intended to substitute for medical advice or your personal responsibility to evaluate and limit your exposure risk.


In an effort to better assist employees who have questions during this time, we have created a Human Resources Coronavirus Task Force. If you have questions, please refer to the contacts listed below.

HR Coronavirus Task Force Contacts

General Questions

Renisha Gibbs

(850) 644-8082

General Staff Issues

Tracey Pearson

(850) 644-3694

General Faculty Issues

Rebecca Peterson

Tiffany Ward

(850) 645-2202

(850) 644-0184

Payroll Questions

Phaedra Harris

(850) 644-7705

Attendance & Leave

Christine Conley

(850) 644-1978


Shelley Lopez

(850) 644-6602


The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a useful resource for confidential professional and personal support and can be reached at (850) 644-2288.

For questions regarding students, please contact Tyler Shannon (850) 644-9555. For Academic concerns, please contact to the Office of the Provost (850) 644-1816.

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