Recruitment and Hiring During COVID-19

Guidelines for Recruitment and Hiring during COVID-19

As your department conducts the search process for positions, keep in mind some key processes during this time. 
Interviewing Candidates through Video Conference
We understand that an interview is one of the most important tools in the selection process when recruiting to fill vacancies. Due to the impacts of COVID-19, FSU had requested departments discontinue in-person interviews and leverage technology in the recruitment and hiring process. We prefer for departments to continue leveraging technology by conducting virtual interviews when possible. As we return to campus, in-person interviews are acceptable as long as local and CDC guidelines are adhered to. 

FSU Faculty and Staff have access to Zoom, a web conferencing platform which is ideal for hosting group calls, remote meetings and web conferences. This technology is accessible with your FSU Log in. If you have not already done so, download the application to your device or smartphone and begin utilizing it.

Need help getting started? Check out the Zoom Quick Start Guide.

Recording Interviews
It is not the University’s practice to create audio and video recordings during the interview process. Although we would normally discourage recording interviews, we temporarily support committees recording interviews via Zoom in case all committee members are not able to participate. 
In the case where an interview is recorded, the following guidelines must be followed: 
•    The hiring team must notify the interviewee ahead of time that the interview/forum will be recorded and get their consent. In the state of Florida, consent is a legal requirement. 
•    If the recording is being distributed, the video must be accessible through a secure link and users must log in to access it. 
•    A recorded interview is subject to the same record keeping requirements as all other documentation related to the search. The recording is required to be kept in a secure place that is accessible by your department’s records custodian and must be maintained for a minimum of four years following the date of hire. 

For questions about recording interviews, contact your department’s assigned recruiter.

What Has Not Changed
ERS staff are available to assist you with your recruiting and hiring needs. We are here to help and support your search and hiring process.

Work with your assigned recruiter to ensure the Hiring Team panels are updated in OMNI-HR for your job openings to provide the interview committees the proper electronic access to the applicant pools.

Reference Faculty or Staff Search Training for banks of sample interview questions. Even during this crisis, interview questions should be consistent with current practices.

All committee members must turn in their interview notes to the chair or department representative as per normal protocols. The department must keep the records on file for at least four years following the date of hire.

Hiring Candidates 
•    Candidate Onboarding Portal: Steps in Smart Onboarding will continue to be  completed electronically.

•    Fingerprinting: If the position requires fingerprinting, the Background Check Team will send instructions to the candidate and department representative to complete fingerprinting. If assistance is needed, please contact us at
•    I-9 Form: Section 1 of the I-9 form must be completed on or before the employee’s first day of work. Section 2 must be completed by the third day.  Department Representatives must complete physical examination of the section 2 documents while following necessary safety precautions. 

Employees hired remotely who do not have access to an FSU Representative must follow FSU's Electronic Remote I-9 Process regarding completion of their I-9. Remote hires are defined as employees who do not physically work on or in proximity to an FSU Campus. Department Representatives should submit a Remote Hire with Agent Request form to initiate the process. Employees with access to an FSU representative or campus location should complete the I-9 form in person. 

If you have questions or extenuating circumstances, please contact Christie Riley, our I-9 Administrator. 

•    Notary service for Loyalty Oath: As campus is being repopulated, the loyalty oath form required in Smart Onboarding for original hires will require notarization. Please work with your incoming candidates to have this step completed. 

We do accept online notarization for loyalty oath forms.  Departments and candidates can use an online notary if preferred. Information on how department notaries can register as an online notary public and a listing of current online notaries can be found on the Department of State website.  

•    Continue to follow ITS online safety protocols: Delete downloads of confidential materials from your device after the hiring action has been submitted. For additional protocols and guidance, please visit  

Resources & Training

•    Online Faculty & Staff Search Committee Training is available 24/7
Everyone involved in faculty and staff hiring is encouraged to enroll.  If you are a hiring committee chair, training is mandatory. 
To Access Search Training, go to

•    Hiring Checklists

•    HR OMNI Training Guides 

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