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Opportunities for employees to continue learning, growing, and transforming are more critical than ever in today's ever-changing world.

We continue to offer ongoing instructor-led and eLearning training and development courses. Please visit our Training Calendar for information about our upcoming classes.

Self-paced eLearning training and development opportunities are currently available to all FSU employees. Classes continue to be added to the Training Catalog, so please remember to check it regularly.  Registration instructions can be found here.

Training Calendar – Training and professional development classes for FSU employees are available. Instructions for participating in remote training sessions are available here.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning at FSULinkedIn Learning offers an extensive library of instructional videos, training courses, certification preparation and learning paths for everything from professional development, skills training, personal hobbies and much more.  LinkedIn Learning is available free of charge to all FSU employees and students.  Many topics consist of several hours of detailed training broken down into 5-15 minute training shorts. Courses are led by industry experts and are available 24/7 for convenient, self-paced learning. 

New to LinkedIn Learning?  Try LinkedIn Learning Basics  (43m) or Teaching with LinkedIn Learning  (48m)  

Learning Paths

Managing Remote and Blended Teams - The HR Office of Training and Organizational Development has curated a learning pathway of recommended courses for leaders, managers and supervisors at Florida State University. The pathway explores elements of remote work culture and discusses best practices for effectively managing an effective remote or blended team. Please log in to LinkedIn Learning with your FSU credentials for free access to these and other Learning opportunities.  

Working Productively in a Hybrid Workplace - The FSU HR Office of Training and Organizational Development has curated a learning pathway of recommended courses for employees at Florida State University. This pathway will cover strategies and tips for developing essential productivity and virtual team collaboration skills to thrive in a blended work environment.  Please log in to LinkedIn Learning with your FSU credentials for free access to these and other Learning opportunities.  

Monthly Learning Challenges

June 2022: Managing Your Energy: Energy management is crucial to your professional success and, when you learn to masterfully manage your energy, you will be better suited to accomplish your best work!

May 2022: Cultivate Resilience. Developing your resilience will not only help you to cope with challenging situations, but it can help you reach peak performance and enhance satisfaction, both in your personal and professional life.

April 2022: Protect Our Planet. Every year, Earth Day is observed on April 22nd. First held in the U.S. in 1970 to raise awareness for environmental protection, Earth Day is a day for us to celebrate and protect our planet. Today, Earth Day is celebrated by more than 1 billion people in over 190 countries and is widely recognized as the largest secular observance in the world.

March 2022: Celebrating International Women's Day. As part of an ongoing commitment to D&I, it's critical for organizations to acknowledge the role of gender in the workplace, how it impacts the employee experience, and how we can take steps towards allyship and equality.

February 2022:  Relationships Matter.  Given the importance of healthy relationships, we invite you to join the LinkedIn Learning February Challenge with content focused on relationship building and collaboration. 

January 2022:  Make learning a resolution this year.  Start your New Year Challenge with learning shorts and resources for goal setting, planning for success, creating productive habits, increasing self-discipline and more!

December 2021:  12 Days of Learning.  With the year-end fast approaching, this month's 12 Days of Learning Challenge brings together LinkedIn Learnings' most popular courses of 2021. 

November 2021:  Boost Your Happiness. Even the most optimistic of us can get weighed down when seemingly unrelenting negativity swirls around us in all aspects of life. Staying positive and identifying ways to foster more happiness in your day-to-day can have a significant impact on your mental and physical health.

October 2021:  Increase Your Influence.  In order to be an effective professional today, we must master the ability to influence others. The ability to inspire others to achieve a shared objective allows us to get more done and to advance the initiatives we care about.

September 2021:  Grow Your Executive Presence: In a survey conducted by a leading technology research firm, executive presence was ranked #2 among the top 20 leadership skills needed for success.  Although some people think it is an innate quality and that “you either have or you don’t”, the truth is that executive presence is a learnable skill that can be improved over time. 

August 2021:  Keep Calm and Learn On.  For most, the past 18 months have taken a toll on our mental health. A pandemic, isolating lockdowns, natural disasters, & social unrest are a lot to cope with. More than ever, it’s critical we take care of ourselves and one another. The content focuses on understanding anxiety in week 1, followed by coping strategies in week 2, and tips for supporting others in week 3.

July 2021:  Say Hello to Hybrid.  Whether you'll be returning to your pre-pandemic way of working or not, the world of work is going to look and feel different going forward. To help you find success in this hybrid work environment, check out learning opportunities and resources in the July LinkedIn Learning Challenge.

June 2021:  Better Decisions-Better Outcomes.  Decision-making is a critical skill both inside and outside of work, and the decisions we make shape our lives. While some circumstances are outside of our control, the best way to achieve better outcomes is to make better decisions.

May 2021:  Growth Mindset.  One of the most critical components of fostering a culture of learning is encouraging employees to adopt a growth mindset. Employees with a growth mindset take on new challenges more readily, are more motivated to learn and improve with feedback, and tend to be more innovative and resilient than those with a fixed mindset. 

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